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New Healing Crystals!

This past week I have been really busy expanding my personal crystal collection! I am so excited and pleased with my new pieces, so I have decided to share them with all of you! I have also written up some brief descriptions on each crystal, and I will explain what that particular stone may be of aid to you along your spiritual healing journey.

The First collection of stones I picked out include Diopside, Celestite, and Angelite…

Diopside~ Charges and activates the third eye, heart, and sacral chakras. This stone also allows for the mind to be open and enhances in the learning of new info…

Celestite~  Is imbued with divine energies… Supports infinite peace within the spiritual planes, and while contacting the angelic realm, this stone carries a very positive energy.

Angelite~ A stone of awareness within the New Age, it represents peace and brotherhood. Facilitates contact with the Angelic Realm. Also encourages those to speak their truth and transmutes any pain or disorder into wholeness and healing.

Tourmaline and Apache Tears were the next to be added to my growing collection!

tourmalineTourmaline~ Is effective with grounding into Earths energetic fields. Helps those to disengage from O.C.D patterns, and behavior. Also releases any worry and anxiety being held onto. This stone can be used to purify the body of toxins and waste, and cleanses the environment of harmful pollutants.

Apache Tears~ Remind us spirit is all around, helps to understand frequencies of energy emanated from divine source. Stops negative thought pattern, and is used for protection as a talisman against negative forces.

I will be sharing the rest of my new friends very soon, I just need to get some pictures! I have a few types of Kyanite, Selenite, and Citrine to share!!

Love and Light! ~Bee


Citrine ~ Crystal Of The Week!

Citrine Healing Properties & Influencescitrine

Color: ( translucent yellow to golden brown)

Element: *Fire             
Zodiac:   *Gemini, Leo          
Planet:   *Jupiter                 
Chakra: *Solar Plexus
Third Chakra  – Solar Plexus –  Yellow Chakra –
“The Identity Chakra”
  • Balanced Chakra Signs  

Protection from depression

Sharp memory and quick thinking

Relief from panicking thoughts or anxiety

  •  Unbalanced Chakra Signs

Difficulty concentrating

Poor decision making

Tend to be very ego based

  • Color Therapy

Yellow – green can mean deceit

Orange-yellow sense of establishment

Light yellow clears the mind                    

  • Symbolism of Yellow

– happiness – joy – wisdom

  • Promotes In

– Increase of eloquence – Expression of self – Enhance mental abilities

Similar Gemstones and Crystals –



Honey Calcite, 

Yellow Fluorite

Category: Crystal Healing

Malachite ~ Crystal of The Week!

Malachite Healing and Influences

Color:                         light & dark green banded
Element:                     earth
Zodiac:                       Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius 
Planet:                       Venus                                                    
 Chakra Balancing  Attributes                                          mall                                                   
 Heart Chakra / Fourth Chakra / Green Chakra  { the balancing point for all chakras  }

Balanced Chakra Signs

unique life path
unique life path
self acceptance
expression of self

Unbalanced Chakra Signs

Lacking discipline of self
Relationship Troubles
Happiness dependent on others

Color Healing Aspects                   malachite3

– blue (spirit) + yellow (soul) = green




Symbolism of Green         Promotes In     

– creativity                                              –  Love
– harmony                                              –  Money
– health                                                  –  Protection
– abundance
– nature             

Similiar Gems and Crystals –         

green tourmaline, jade, chrysoprase, peridot, aventurine,moss agate, dipotase, emerald, green jasper