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The Lineage Rites of the Munay-Ki

The lineage rites

lineage ritesHaving transmitted/received the four foundation rites of the Munay-Ki, which have served to strengthen and inform our luminous energy field, we are in a position to take the next step in the process of becoming who we truly are. This step offers us the opportunity to align ourselves with, and take our place within, the lineage of stewardship for the earth and all that lives upon her.

This part of the process opens up the potential for awakening the dormant prefrontal lobe of the brain, referred to by science as the God brain. All spiritual personal development we undertake fires up neuropeptides within the brain and begins to build the electric web within the area. These next three rites offer us the possibility of turning this aspect of ourselves, our god brain, on fully. As with the foundation rites before, we transmit and receive into our system the ‘seed’ the ‘potential’ of each of these rites. Our subsequent dedication to the unpacking, germination, and continued growing development of these ‘seeds of potential’ is what turns the possibility into the lived reality.

As we work with these next three rites we may find that one group we align ourselves to, during the transmission process, remains with us in some form after the process has been completed. While others will leave, fully prepared to return with assistance when called upon at a future time. The remaining group offers the possibility of recognizing our personal place within the lexicon of creation. We carry the potential to align with all these groups, but this remaining helps us recognize our most effective skills to service in this particular area.

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