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The Foundation Rites of the Munay-Ki

The Foundation Rites

Munay-Ki Foundation










The four foundation rites launch us on our journey, through a process of willing acceptance, to the manifestation of who we truly are.

We are all, through our ancestral lineage, members of indigenous tribes. As we begin our receipt of these rites we awaken a dawning realization that this knowledge, we are seemingly encountering for the first time, has always been known to us. Just as who we are seeking to become, through Munay-Ki, is who we have always been.

Through our initiation into these rites we transmit, and receive into our system, the ‘seed’, the ‘potential’, of possibility each rite opens up for us. Our subsequent dedication to the unpacking, germination and continued growing development of these ‘seeds of potential’ is what turns the possibility into the lived reality.

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