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What is a Star Seed Soul?

star seed soul


What Is A Star Seed Soul?

I’m sure you are probably asking yourselves, what the heck is a star seed soul? A lot of you have probably heard that we, as humans, are made up of “star dust”. However, a star seed soul is a term in which pertains to our, “inner beings”. The you, that only you know, and the voice within your mind, which only you will ever hear. Your souls origins can theoretically be from a multitude of places, or composed of many lifetimes here on earth. Trying to reach our final, and ultimate end, completely detached from any karmic debts. The star seed soul is thought of as a soul from other planets, star systems, and even other galaxies. There is a huge amount of information all over the internet combined with theories, channeled messages, and philosophical explanations on this topic. Some are a little far fetched, some are down right crazy, but with all the huge discoveries, and new info we are learning every day, I found a couple of ideas that aren’t too far out there. In fact, I actually resonated with a couple of these ideas, ranging from my personality traits, my interests, and my unconventional family relationships. Before you disregard all this as mumbo jumbo just keep in mind all of life’s little unanswered questions. Why are we here, is there a god, where will we go after death, who built the pyramids, really you don’t believe ropes and men did it, do you? That’s just to name a few, but if you are anything like me you must sit back and wonder, what the hell is all this for!

Star Seed Connections..star seed

There really is way too much info for me to list every bit of the defining characteristics, and aspects that fit into this broad topic, but I will try to generalize as best I can.

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This site has tons of detailed information on each race, and you can find out so much more than my brief description.

  • Compelling and large almond shaped eyes along with a generally taller build, and wide smile is especially true in females.
  • Your hands and feet may often feel colder or warmer to the touch, or even have an overall difference in what is considered a normal body temperature or blood pressure.
  • Having a unusual blood type like rh- where there’s no monkey gene, bringing up a good argument to the evolution of monkeys and apes theory.
  • May have a “long torso” or unknowingly an extra vertebrae, maybe even the misplacement of, which can result in back problems.
  • Being considered sensitive, or overwhelmed easily in crowds or in negative environments. Might exhibit consistent allergies or chronic sinusitis. Where in you find discomfort where others appear to feel fine.
  • May be extremely sensitive to certain sounds, bright or dim lighting, even with touch of certain items or texture, and colors. Your ankles and legs may swell, or experiencing pain within your joints.
  • Having empathy where as experience pain or physical ailments of others both mentally and physically. Prone to have problems with addictions or show obsessive compulsive tendencies.
  • Can get by on little sleep, and even feel better on less, probably considered a night owl.
  • Being a latch key kid or an unexpected child is common among star seed souls. Might display unusual relationships with parents, possibly feel detached or have had reversed rolls, where in you parent the parents.
  • Could have been raised without a father in the picture, or may of had a step father rather than the paternal in your life.
  • A love for nature, and animals, more so than for humans, and are likely to be bothered by pollution. Animals and children may be attracted to you, even with wild animals expressing little fear.
  • Electronic equipment and watches seem to act up, maybe flicker, blow bulbs, or stop all together in your presence.
  • Always stargazing and having a overall knowing of other beings and places from this. Might even sense this isn’t home. Often see lights at night which are not stars…
  • Awesome abilities within areas like music, art, healing, and interests in science or geometry. Also having an affinity to healing rocks like natural crystals.
  • Interest in ancient Egypt and desire for truths to the ancient mysteries, such as Atlantis.
  • Possible memories from the time of Atlantis or other past lives from this planet and others. Also have vivid memories from infancy and childhood. Very intelligent however seem to be secluded and introverted. Old souls or being known to show wisdom far beyond their years.
  • Psychic abilities or thin veil between selves and other dimensions having experiences with ghosts or U.F.O. sightings possibly telepathic or just unaware of these abilities from either stereotypes or fear. From early ages decide not to talk about things knowing other people are not like them. Always holding onto or having a sense of some purpose or mission.
  • Very loving and kind nature more of givers than takers, find true happiness in doing for others. They feel no racial prejudice and may explore sexually. Have no need for war or cruelty and hurt on personal level when exposed to these ideas.

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