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Such an amazing creature,

full of beauty and sweet sacrifice.

Sharing silent, unspoken bonds with us,

an inferior human race.

To spend a day among them,

just to find a place.

Swimming through those waters,

 dancing at their pace.

Squeals of undivided attention,

moments face to face.

A feeling of pure belonging,

within an incredibly perfect place.

To look into those eyes,

is alike peering in the sea.

Deep carefree souls flowing,

what a sacred life for thee.



True Love Illuminates

                               True Love Illuminates

true love illuminates
In the darkest of dark,
I know well where you lie.
Bodies interlock,
A complete symmetry thrives.
The warm flesh of your chest,
Beneath my cheek smells so sweet.
The curve of my breast,
lay gently imprinted on thee.
In your sleep as you dream,
I see every aspect of you.
Our hearts full of allure,
while palms caress and explore.
Chest rising with breath,
In rhythm and beat.
To the song of caress,
expressed in an entanglement of feet.
The calm sense of belonging,
To this embrace here and now.
This passions so alarming,
but you complete me somehow.
Complete and utter silence,
expressed a message so intense.
Not a word ever sounded,
’twas not needed for this.
Just two bodies lying,
connected as one.
With a pure love surrounded,
one which will never be done.
A once in a lifetime moment,
shared by the once in a lifetime romanced.
Once upon a time,
in my dreams of a fairy tale man.
  By me Bee, xoxo

Ponder This…


All of creation is but a trick of the mind.
we all share our dreams,though yours differ from mine.
we ponder all the great mysteries,wheels tearing up the mind.
Though never stop to wonder, who invented time.
If you really start to see it, I mean the biggest secret of all.
Then you would never have to wonder,
       Cause it’s you who creates it all…

Written by me Bee, xoxo

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Brain Storming…

bolt-71510Thought creates all matter, an awareness enhances sight.

Consciousness awakens senses, which illuminate the night.

The source of all creation, is but a speck inside of light.

With incredible precision, alike majestic eagles flight.

Bringing forth great musicians, giving awareness it’s foresight.

Of the incredible thunderous positions, geometrically woven into light.

Vibratory sensations brightening up the sky,

the force of all that’s living, the might storming deep inside.

Is nothing more than decision, laid out within the mind.

Infinitely spinning, creating eternal rhythmic rhyme.

Love, Bee      xoxo


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Sin Of Eve (New Poem)

If you pick an apple before she’s ready to fall,

you have defied the ancient knowledge,

of this we are one of all. A piece of life left hanging,

awaiting fates eternal fall…

Bee, xoxo


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