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Such an amazing creature,

full of beauty and sweet sacrifice.

Sharing silent, unspoken bonds with us,

an inferior human race.

To spend a day among them,

just to find a place.

Swimming through those waters,

 dancing at their pace.

Squeals of undivided attention,

moments face to face.

A feeling of pure belonging,

within an incredibly perfect place.

To look into those eyes,

is alike peering in the sea.

Deep carefree souls flowing,

what a sacred life for thee.



Fall Leaves


To Twirl, to swirl, to whirl around,

up and up, then splash the ground.

Spinning and brimming on all these sides,

looking up among this sky.

Crashing and thrashing into still pools,

there I’ll be, within this world..

Living and leaving deemed a fool.

Written by me Bee, xoxo


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