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Addicted To Pretty Notebooks

hand-bound-in-england-notebooks-by-notarySo I was extremely excited to learn that I am not the only gal who has an overwhelming addiction to fancy diaries, journals, and notebooks. They can be plain, they can have beautiful covers, there can be lined, plain, and paper with monograms within. I enjoy both the bound books and the spiral kind. I have had this desire for fancy little books since a very young age. However the sickest part about this addiction is, they are all left blank! I’m serious, I buy and buy with great intention, and huge plans for these awesome little books. I just can not bring myself to write in the books.

I even test pens looking for the correct ink color, texture, run through, and also if the pen appears to have the shelf life required to fill the book. All a wasted attempt at planning these books contents because I can never bring myself to write one single dot, line, or word. I fear that I will make a mistake, possibly have to cross out what I wrote, and that will just not do! The spiral bound books are much more forgiving, since you can tear out the entire page like it never happened. However, too many tear outs can result in a too thin book!57 Notebooks

Last night when I was at J.C.Penney, I was at the register when a entire display of notebooks, journals, planners, and memo pads caught my eye. I scurried over while abandoning my fiance at the cash register! He is well aware of my sickness, and almost every time I shop alone I end up buying one or several (depending on price). He saw me flipping through and admiring the perfect blank books, and asked, “do you want a book”? I turned quickly with excitement, and then reason poked it’s ugly head in, and I answered, “no, I have too many now”. He said “I know”!

As I returned to get my bag from the cashier I explained how they are all blank too, and the girl laughed saying how her daughter calls her a book hoarder! Then we went into depth about how you mustn’t write in them for the chance of ruining pages! Both agreeing that the spiral bound books were better to have in case you do write, having the option to remove that page entirely is much better! I was so excited to meet another person who shares this disease I was inspired to share my story, in hopes of finding other sickos with this obsession!

Leave me a comment if you too suffer from notebookaholics! Perhaps we can start a support group, maybe have meetings where we must write in our books, and accept our imperfect little mistakes. Oh, I shiver just to think about this, but in time with the right help I hope to overcome my addiction.20131102_192502

I have decided to include a picture of the books I have in my immediate possession being that I have a majority of my belongings in storage while my fiance and I build our new home. I’m sure you can see from the amount I do have here, there is far more within my storage unit! Please tell me there is someone out there worse than me, please?

Love, Bee