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Angel Channeling at Blue Angel Healing

Angel channelling

Recently I started a six week course for Angel Channeling at Blue Angel Healing in Carver Ma. I have only attended the first of these sessions, but I must say that I am already receiving so much information, and downloading messages daily!

The first class was a basic introduction into the Angels, and we learned which governed over what, and who we might expect to be connecting with over the next few weeks. At the end of this class we all laid down for a meditation in which we were introduced to our Angel. We each had our own unique journey and saw our own visions, but it was definitely a powerful experience to be surrounded by so much divine energy!


At the end of the meditation we were all asked to write a brief over view of what we had experienced during the meditation. This is what I experienced personally…sandalphon

I saw large billowing rainbow wings and bright blue eyes, I had been holding the thought Sandalphon up until the point where we were asked to hear clearly the name of our Angel.. At that moment I heard Metatron, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that these two Angels are likened to twins.

As the meditation progressed we worked on each of the chakra energy centers within our body, but the third eye center was what stood out for me most. While we were focusing on this area I clearly heard “open your ancient eyes, these are the eyes of Horus”. I hadn’t put two and two together until I spoke with the teacher of our class and realized the connection between the all seeing eye, the third eye, and Horus. That was when it hit me, and I had my Aha moment.quill pen

Closer to the end of this meditation we were saying farewell to the Angel’s and each of us were presented a gift. I was gifted “Scribe” and was handed a large white feather quill pen! It was beautiful, and sparkled in a shimmering light of silver and gold. At this point we were slowly brought back into our waking state and shared our experiences with one another. Truly magical for each of us and I just can not wait to attend the second class this week!


Unlimited Abundance


Unlimited Abundance                     Unlimited Abundance 

Christie Marie Sheldon has been a intuitive healer for more than fifteen years and has consulted over ten thousand people in one on one energetic healing sessions. She has become widely recognized for her incredible ability to help others manifest their ideal realities. By finding and identifying inner most “abundance blocks”, and leading others on a journey to clean negative energy away while embracing positive energy.

Through this energy balancing process Christie Marie Sheldon intuitively recognizes variations in your energy vibrations, and then helps those she is working with to realize and release these psychological blocks laid within subconsciously by previously programmed beliefs, fears, and self doubt. These subconscious thoughts and beliefs are at the core of all “abundance blocks”, and can define the difference between your life and another’s simply because of idealized perceptions.

Unlimited Abundance home trainingIt’s the defining factor between the life stories of everyone you know, and some you may even envy. For example two girls grew up together, same age, same economic class, both smart, attractive, and planning for a prestigious career, with the happily ever after. Fast forward through, and you will see two very different tales unfold, simply because of the negative subconscious beliefs of one of these girls. A negative block that never had real substance other than being an opinion of someone she had decided to agree with. While one girl grew up carefree and breezing through her school work, the other was locked up, afraid of the consequences had she not studied. All the while being fully prepared and capable of passing, it was her anxiety that kept her bogged down. As the girls grew into young women one started dating, and attending dances regularly, while the other couldn’t be bothered with a social life. In truth it was her fear of rejection that had kept her silently sitting in the shadows avoiding any potential hurt or let downs. After graduating and both being accepted into college where one took full advantage of youth and fun, the other alone in a dorm it was time to put all those years into the “dream career”. Right away the positive outgoing women was recruited into her dream position, and earning a substantial salary. Soon after she was happily married and had achieved her happily ever after. Unfortunately the timid, anxious, and socially awkward women was not so lucky in her career. She was forced to take a low paying job just to get by, and spends her days stressed about bills just trying to make it through the week. She doesn’t even have the energy to think about dating, and the thought of having a family doesn’t even cross her mind. “Who would want to be with someone like me”, is the only thought she can imagine or dream about.

Energy Clearing Session

These two women had absolutely no reasons within the constructs of their daily lives to end in such opposite outcomes. It was nothing more than the core beliefs and intentions set by themselves that eventually led to their destinations. One saw the world as an adventure and believed she could accomplish whatever she set out to do. While the other believed you must struggle and work hard in order to stay ahead, and even then it was at the cost of some of the greatest gifts life has to give. Inevitably they stayed true to their paths and energy vibrations, each person emits their own energetic frequency, and it is within this energy that truly predicts what is to come for all of us.

abundance blocks

We walk around here clueless our entire lives, never realizing the abundance we posses and abuse. With negative thoughts and subconscious beliefs grained into our cores, all passed down through a growing decline in the concepts of love, and self worth. It’s no wonder we are lacking in abundance and joy.

This is where the Unlimited Abundance of Christie’s healing power shines through, helping those along a path of self healing and reaching optimum spiritual health. Which in turn promotes abundance throughout all aspects of life. Now she has decided to offer the world a chance at manifesting Unlimited Abundance through her teachings and healing’s which can be accessed in the privacy of your own home.

The Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program is a multimedia course in which Christie enables you to release every energy block that has kept you from the abundance you deserve in life. An entire collection of audio recordings includes each of the twenty four energy clearing sessions performed by Christie at the Original Unlimited Abundance Program.There is a detailed description for each type of the twenty four “abundance blocks”, and the processes in which you release them listed on Unlimited Abundance Website.@ http://www.unlimitedabundance.com

Through visualization, meditation, and simply allowing yourself to let go of unfounded belief systems, you will open up to a part of you whom you never knew. A path leading to the Ultimate You, the real you, the abundant you, and the hidden talents you were meant to contribute to this world.



Astral Projection Techniques


 Astral projection is an out of body experience in which your body falls asleep, and your mind remains awake. Allowing the person to separate from the confides of the physical plane, and enter into the astral realms.

There are numerous astral projection techniques offered from guided meditations, and numerous visualization practices. If you are interested in astral projection then trying various methods would most likely be the best aid in attaining an astral projection. No two people are the same and therefore each person would likely respond in different ways to the different techniques available.

  • One of the most common and easily methods would be listening to a guided astral projection meditation, there are numerous available on line and through You tube. A lot of these audios include binaural beats which work with your brain waves assisting you into deeper meditation.


  • Another method is considered “the rope” technique in which you lay down close eyes and visualize a rope emerging from your chest. With this technique you are to visualize your astral body pulling itself away from your physical body.


  • There are various crystals which people have used throughout the years to aid in the process of astral projection. There are many sites on line which list the properties of each crystal, you should do some research into crystals before purchasing them.


  • Some people claim you should wait until your exhausted and then attempt to astral project, while others suggest trying to attempt a projection upon waking up first thing in the morning.


No matter what technique you pursue the key is intention! You may need to practice on these techniques before you accomplish an astral projection, but once you accomplish an out of body experience all the techniques and practice will prove well worth it.

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