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Fiances Return From Biketoberfest 2013!


So last week my fiance went down to Daytona Florida, for this years Biketoberfest, and spent a week in the nice hot sun while I stayed home. Not that I’m bitter about this, but living in N.E. leaves one with a bitter exterior in general.whatever_im_late_anyways_wall_clock The long cold winters, and extreme hot humid summers are hard to get acclimated to.The two brief times of year I enjoy most seem to only last approximately three weeks, Spring gets ruined with the awesome “spring forward” deducting an hour of sleep. The only good thing other than neutral weather in fall is the “fall back” in gaining an extra hour of sleep. It’s the only comfort I find in knowing the next months will be so cold all I will want to do is sleep…

So back to his return…

Before he went we had some agreements in place, by agreement I mean my demands. I wanted a set amount of money to purchase the item’s I would need for the week. Didn’t get it, but I had requested double what truly needed knowing he would deliver on half. The next demand, I mean request was for him to bring home the gift he promised me two birthdays, two valentines days, two Christmas eve’s and days ago. Didn’t get it! I wasn’t really expecting to since I have spent two years waiting already. However, what I did get was just as good, made me laugh, and shows just how innocently naive he truly can be.


Are you ready for this, as soon as he was back I said did you get my gift!? Of course he doesn’t even remember what the hell it is so his reply was a timid, “nooo”. Then with the innocence and pure excitement of a child on Christmas day exclaims “I got you a $20.00 dollar bag of dirt”….. Really he did buy me a $20.00 dollar bag of dirt! However I can see just how special he thinks this is, because some jerk marketing man wrote, sift through the sand, and you MAY!  find valuable gemstones.. I love him unconditionally and therefore I will always cherish my $20.00 dollar bag of dirt! Let me just mention that his follow up comment was “I didn’t buy the sifter, I figured you could do it with a thing”. What that thing is he doesn’t know and neither do I, but it confirms his faith in my resourcefulness to turn dirt into gold. If this isn’t true love I don’t know what is.8lb_Rainbow_Bag


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