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Happy Halloweenies

October 30th 2013

Happy Halloweenies born on 10/30/13

4:45 am our first addition


7:35 am our second addition


8:33 am the third addition


1:47 pm the last little addition….


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A Beautiful Day

flowerIt’s Saturday, October 19, 2013, the sun is shining, clear blue skies, and I’ve set myself up in the yard to maybe accomplish some work, while enjoying this beautiful day. Let me just say that in order to accomplish what might otherwise seem an easy task, I must complete several steps before even getting to sit down.

1. Ensure the tricky New England weather is going to allow for me to remain outdoors, and no quick dash in will be neccassary.what-to-do

2. Decide if the effort of bringing out my neccassary items is something I really even care to exert.

3. Find three extension cords for my laptop which is no longer able to be unplugged, basically defeating the idea of laptops all together, but hey it could be worse. I learned a long time ago that anything can and usually does get worse before theirs something better to replace it.

4. Wrangle up the three dachshunds a.k.a (my children), and there many necessities. Water, food, toys, and blanket, and since my little Sadie Lady is due to have puppies any day now her monster screened in nest, arrayed with dog beds, multiple blankets, toys, and privacy, oh if only I were to be the lavish Sadie Lady.

5. Sweatshirt, lounge chair, blanket for me, can of coke, my smokes, a lighter, sunglasses, and the perfect spot to set up this side show of “comfort”.


But here I am, accomplished all of that, and just in the time of writing  this I now realize I never had lunch, and so I must venture in to get myself a sandwich, unless I can get the delivery guy to deliver to the backyard lounge chair, but then again my pocket book, wallet, and menu’s are inside. Perhaps tomorrow I will plan ahead better a few more steps added to this list could ensure a totally relaxed beautiful day.

Love Bee, xoxo

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