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Astral Projection Techniques


 Astral projection is an out of body experience in which your body falls asleep, and your mind remains awake. Allowing the person to separate from the confides of the physical plane, and enter into the astral realms.

There are numerous astral projection techniques offered from guided meditations, and numerous visualization practices. If you are interested in astral projection then trying various methods would most likely be the best aid in attaining an astral projection. No two people are the same and therefore each person would likely respond in different ways to the different techniques available.

  • One of the most common and easily methods would be listening to a guided astral projection meditation, there are numerous available on line and through You tube. A lot of these audios include binaural beats which work with your brain waves assisting you into deeper meditation.


  • Another method is considered “the rope” technique in which you lay down close eyes and visualize a rope emerging from your chest. With this technique you are to visualize your astral body pulling itself away from your physical body.


  • There are various crystals which people have used throughout the years to aid in the process of astral projection. There are many sites on line which list the properties of each crystal, you should do some research into crystals before purchasing them.


  • Some people claim you should wait until your exhausted and then attempt to astral project, while others suggest trying to attempt a projection upon waking up first thing in the morning.


No matter what technique you pursue the key is intention! You may need to practice on these techniques before you accomplish an astral projection, but once you accomplish an out of body experience all the techniques and practice will prove well worth it.

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