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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel

“The Beauty of God”

Jophiel is one of the seven main Archangels, a Sarim, and a ruler of the order of Thrones. Some sources say he is a leader of the Cherubim. He is believed to have guarded the Tree of Knowledge within the Garden of Eden. Legend has said, it was Jophiel who expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Also looking after Noah’s three sons, Jophiel is one of the Angels of the Presence, and is believed to be close friends with Metatron. He has a strong interest in beauty, and can be invoked by anyone involved in creating beauty of any form. You should call on Jophiel whenever you need help in creative endeavors.

He is also the patron angel of artists, and anyone engaged in creative activity.


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Angel Channeling at Blue Angel Healing

Angel channelling

Recently I started a six week course for Angel Channeling at Blue Angel Healing in Carver Ma. I have only attended the first of these sessions, but I must say that I am already receiving so much information, and downloading messages daily!

The first class was a basic introduction into the Angels, and we learned which governed over what, and who we might expect to be connecting with over the next few weeks. At the end of this class we all laid down for a meditation in which we were introduced to our Angel. We each had our own unique journey and saw our own visions, but it was definitely a powerful experience to be surrounded by so much divine energy!


At the end of the meditation we were all asked to write a brief over view of what we had experienced during the meditation. This is what I experienced personally…sandalphon

I saw large billowing rainbow wings and bright blue eyes, I had been holding the thought Sandalphon up until the point where we were asked to hear clearly the name of our Angel.. At that moment I heard Metatron, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that these two Angels are likened to twins.

As the meditation progressed we worked on each of the chakra energy centers within our body, but the third eye center was what stood out for me most. While we were focusing on this area I clearly heard “open your ancient eyes, these are the eyes of Horus”. I hadn’t put two and two together until I spoke with the teacher of our class and realized the connection between the all seeing eye, the third eye, and Horus. That was when it hit me, and I had my Aha moment.quill pen

Closer to the end of this meditation we were saying farewell to the Angel’s and each of us were presented a gift. I was gifted “Scribe” and was handed a large white feather quill pen! It was beautiful, and sparkled in a shimmering light of silver and gold. At this point we were slowly brought back into our waking state and shared our experiences with one another. Truly magical for each of us and I just can not wait to attend the second class this week!