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Support for Linda Freeman


Hello my name is Bridget, Linda Freeman’s oldest daughter, followed by Victoria Freeman, and Kristen Freeman, who is pregnant with Savanna, Linda’s first grandchild!

Last weekend my Mother became extremely ill, and her health deterioration only continued for the following week. She was taken by ambulance to Beth Israel in Plymouth Ma. Along the way she lost consciousness and was incubated.

While in Plymouth everyone was focused on her breathing and not noticing that her belly was in extreme harm. She proceeded to swell and expand and grew sicker and sicker. The doctor actually said to me she is easily the sickest person here.

As time went on and incubation was worse and worse they decided to send to Boston. She got a bed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where they immediately knew her belly was in critical condition. She was rushed into operation on Friday morning and they found a piece of colon had died. They believe the combination of sickness, and other factors led to this condition.

Since the operation she remains open, and will be operated on again for reconnect of colon, and hopefully to close her back up if the swelling subsides enough.

It is going to be weeks to months of healing and operation and watching her.

I am spending many hours here by here side to make decisions and give permission to do things. However we both have expenses to cover in the mean time and since I am not working I am having a hard time keeping up with everything. Between gas, parking, eating on the run, and trying to keep her bills from going into default I am worried I wont be able to cover everything.

I would love to be able to pay her bills, and have some money for her when she gets better so she doesn’t have to stress and worry. She has 2 dogs to care for and herself. She only gets a small amount of money from the state each month, and I usually pay her to drive me to meditations and to help me at my events and other odd jobs to make ends meet.

However I am now not working, and struggling to assist her and keep myself afloat as well. I plan to start bringing my laptop to the hospital so I can get back to work and get some coverage for my expenses, but could use some help covering her stuff.

I know she would be so happy to wake up and know everything is taken care of and she isn’t behind on stuff. She has been working hard to stay ahead and I dont want her to be worried about it on top of all her health concerns too.

If you could help her by donating 5 bucks I know she would be forever grateful, and if you can’t donate, please just send love and good thoughts that all works out in best interest.

Thank you all for your support and love thus far, I hate having to ask, and wish I had everything needed to cover her, and help her to never feel stress again.

Donations can be made via Paypal divinessential@gmail.com

Or you can make checks out to myself, Bridget Rau, or to Linda Freeman and send to 108 Grove St Kingston Ma 02364,







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