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Munay-Ki Rites to Come

The rites to come
rites tocome


With this next step we are offered the possibility of moving from our alignment to the past and current time to alignment with the time to come.


With it we have the means to transform ourselves into, and join the ranks of, luminous beings, to develop the luminous energy field of Angels within this single lifetime, rather than many generations.


Existing luminous beings are humans who rose to the level of Angels. Some remain in human form while some are in spirit form. All have a mandate to protect those who are looking after the well-being of the planet.

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One comment on “Munay-Ki Rites to Come

  1. So excited about the new Star Rites! These are part of the Rites to come, and we having been waiting for them! Time for Starseeds to step up to their true purpose here!!! xxx

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