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Intuitive Readings

angel readings

Now Offering Intuitive Readings & Guidance

Allow me to offer you guidance and support through the gifts and communication I receive from spirit, angels, and Galactic Masters. Being certified in angel communication, and spending the past several years tuning in and Channeling messages from the Pleiadian Collective, as well channeling Sirian, Lyran, Andromedan, Arcturian, and other divine beings for Healing Activations and Guided Meditations. As well as using automatic writing to connect with and deliver messages, I am able to offer a unique blend within my readings, to specifically anchor the most meaningful answers to your questions, and needs.

Some of my communications connect with Shamanic Traditions and Archetypes as well, so readings often combine energies from all over the spectrum of spirit depending on the person. Utilizing Oracle card decks as well depending on the messages being sent forth and of course your personal preference to use these tools in aiding the reading.

Every reading is begun by cleansing the space and energies, with the use of intention and palo santo or sage, and by setting the intention to connect and receive the messages for your highest good, grounding myself to the heart of Gaia, and anchoring myself up to Alcyone, our central sun. Calling in any guides, masters, angels, or spirit animals who wish to deliver messages.

Messages are received through a clear knowing, sometimes visions, smells, or hearing, but mostly just a inner knowing that this information isn’t my own, and is spirit delivering messages through me to you.

After these messages come through we will then open up the lines of communication for you to ask any questions you may have in relation to your current, past, or future timelines. These questions can be in connection with your personal life matters such as love, health, career, and finances. I will take note of the question and connect with spirit to deliver the messages and answers that are imparted through me!


Readings offered in person as well as on line, or over the phone!

Available for Parties too! 

  • 4 friends each receive 30 minutes for $150
  • 6 friends each receive 30 minutes for $200
  • 8 friends each receive 30 minutes for $250

Must book time accordingly, 15 minute readings are available for larger groups, message me for more information and price options divinessential@gmail.com

**Private In Person Readings**

30 minute reading $45


60 minute reading $75


To book a reading e-mail divinessential@gmail.com

**On Line / Phone Readings**

30 minute reading $45


60 minute reading $75


Now Offering automatic writing as well as personal one on one channeling for your readings! 

30 min $55 

60 min $85 

email me at divinessential@gmail.com to book now!

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