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Love, Love, Love

Foot prints in the sand

Today I am reminded of the spirit of each and every one of us holding a sacred spot in the wheel of life.

All sent here to fulfill a destined path and to play a role in the lives of all seen and unseen. Many times we live totally unaware of the billions of actions and reactions taking place around us.

Living day to day with our heads buried in the technology man created. Disconnected from the heart of mother earth. Unaware of the footprint we leave in the sand.

Today I am called to step back. Take a deep breath. Hold love in my heart for the lives of all on this earth, on this plane, in this dimension, and in all dimensions, planes, and existence.

I am reminded of my role, my part in the big scheme of things. To dance, to leap, to hold joy, to be ok with sorrow.

To remember all those who sacrifice there lives for the greater good of all humanity. To take reverence for the spirit of all animals who sacrifice their lives so others may live. To appreciate the sustenance we receive at the expense of others. To share what I can with all those I meet. Wether it be a smile, a meal, or healing.

To live every day like it’s my last, and to hold on to harmony in my steps. To take in the glorious splendor of all that I am blessed to see, hear, and touch. And most of all to love. Love. Love. Love.


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