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Love Is A Jar…

 Home Made Jar of Love….

This is a gift I made for my boyfriend and was very inexpensive! I only spent about $20 dollars, and the supplies can be purchased at your local craft store!

love jar

All you need is a glass jar with lid, decorative scrap book paper, stickers, peel off quotes, x-acto knife, ruler, and about 300 asst card stock paper approximately half the size of a 3×5 card. I had to purchase larger stock paper and cut it in half.

diy jar

Next you want to measure the jar and cut off excess paper to line the jar with. I also used a small border piece along the bottom of the jar. I chose a pattern that coordinated with the stickers I chose.

home made jar

You then add your peel off quotes, and stickers wherever you feel is eye pleasing!

decorate jar lid

I had some key stickers in my scrap book supplies, and peel off labels, which I added to the lid for some extra embellishing, along with a piece of ribbon I had left over!

love jar

You can add some little extra decorative stickers and decorate as you wish.

love quote cards

Next you will need to work on the cards…

quotes of love

I purchased a silver gel pen to write on the darker cards, but you basically just need to find a lot of quotes, poems, and memories you want to share with your loved one.

fill love jar with quotes

Fold all your cards in half and fill up the jar!! You may want to mix up the colors to look a little balanced within the jar, but it is up to you!

love jar filled with quotes

The finished product should resemble something like this…


Pop the lid on and present it to the person you love!


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