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So for the past two evenings and this morning I have been having so much information come in. As usual synchronicity has also been working it’s way in on this journey so I have decided to share this with all of you.

Over the past few weeks I have been having a lot of people ask me about particular rituals and ways of protection, etc…

What I always say in return is there are many ways to protect yourself! Smudge, call on archangel Michael, activate light body, cut cords, whatever you resonate with!

With my munay ki rites group I have had others ask about what stones to use, wether for the rite itself, in a grid, or even what to do with the pi stone.

Passing on of the rites calls for creating sacred space, opening of the 8th chakra, and performing of a ritual. However I had been guided by spirit to add a little something here and there!

So what I am getting to is intention! That is all its about! We as humans like to have an action for every reaction! We need to feel like we are doing something!

However it’s all about setting the intention! When you smudge you are doing it to remove negative energy, when you activate your light body, you are shielded from others, when you create a grid you are opening up to receive something. It’s very simple. All you need to do is set the intention and creator will deliver!

If you feel better by taking an action even better but don’t worry about how to and where to and what to. That isn’t important! What is important is setting your heart and focus. Let your intuition guide you! Spirit will never say wrong, try again! The angels love you, they are waiting for you to set the stage for them to assist. All you have to do is ask!


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