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Healing with the Archetypes

Healing with the Archetypes of the Munay-Ki

serpent archetype

Serpent of the South

Root Chakra

Represents connection to the feminine energies – fertility – sexuality

The essential life force that seeks union & creation! Serpent can assist those who have lost passion for life, exhausted of energy and enthusiasm. Connecting with the energies of the South, and calling forth the Serpent can help to spark the inner drive for life once again!

Jaguar archetype

Jaguar of the West

Sacral Chakra

Represents the cycles of life & death, Renewal & Transformation

As we go through the cycles of life we reach the end of many phases, which in turn creates a beginning of the next. In this process we are faced with many cyclesof death & rebirth. When moving through one cycle to the next it is best to extinguish the old aspects of ourselves and leap into who we are becoming! Release the aspects of self which no longer serve you.

Jaguar can assist those who feel their life is in utter turmoil, and those who feel there is no hope. The jaguar helps to release the outdated versions of ones self, and allows them to transform, bringing forth a new version, a new hope, a new life.

humming bird archetype

Hummingbird of the North

Solar-Plexus Chakra

Representing courage of epic proportion

Taking on journeys of immense difficulty, however do so without fear or worry. Trusting that everything will be as it should be along the way. Calling on the energies of the North and bringing in the grandmother Hummingbird will assist those who are facing some tough odds. If they are in fear of their ability to accomplish a certain feat, the hummingbird will provide the courage needed to face the road ahead.


Eagle & Condor of the East

Heart Chakra

Representative of vision Рclarity Рforesight Рtranscendence 

The Eagle has the ability of perceiving the big picture of life, without succumbing to every last detail. Rather he takes it in and accepts it as it is, he sees and he recognizes the relationship every piece holds in keeping the whole as one.

The Eagle will assist in finding ones guiding vision for life. Giving strength and ability to see clearly, and to see the guidance within all things.

The Condor sees into the past & future, helping us to remember where we came from, but also to see who we are becoming.

Bringing forth the energies of the East, and the Eagle/Condor will assist those who call in raising above the storms of life, reaching high into the light, and connecting with the Great Spirit. Allow the Eagle/Condor to bring you wing to wing with the divine assistance and guidance present in all things, to open your eyes from within your heart & soul. To soar high while remembering where you have been and to swoop swiftly into who you are becoming.