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Let’s talk about Expectations!

Last night this came up a lot for those around me so I felt like it was a great topic to start the day with!

What are expectations? We all have them, we all build them up, and we often find outcomes different than expected.

Occasionally you may say oh that was exactly what I expected, but how much truth lays in that. I find we revert backwards when we say this about something. So think about it, you get excited about something or you are planning to experience something. Perhaps you have never been there, maybe it’s the first time you meet someone. In your head you have a idea of what, how, where, and when things will be, look, feel, etc.
Then you go, you show up in that awkward moment trying to find bearings in a new place, looking for that person or persons who you have created an expectation in your head for.

Usually you dismiss the fact that the place your at looks nothing like what you had “expected”, you eventually have to ask is so and so here?

Or even when we do know exactly where and who we are meeting up with, what we are doing, it’s the same thing. We play out the scene in our mind, we think we know if it will be good, bad, awesome, or horrible. Maybe you get excited, nervous, or even dread this moment. We do it with discussion too! Oh I just know he/she is going to be pissed, sad, hurt, mad, happy, blown away, surprised.

What I am saying is you never really know! It’s that little human control factor bumping it’s ugly head up. There is no way of knowing exactly what will happen, or what someone else is going to feel or do.

How many times have you been blown away by the fact you enjoyed something you didn’t think you would. How many times has someone who you thought was going to react a certain way completely surprised you.

Release expectations! ! Stop trying to control every last detail and just live! Go experience life without attachments, and throw away the need to be right. Of course you should plan and prepare for stuff! But stop trying to get everything done before it’s happening. Stop stressing out over what you have no control over. Just go in with an open mind and heart. Life is to short for you to be expecting the worst! Expect the best from everyone and everything and more of that will come to you!

Today I expect it’s going to be a good day!
Keep it simple folks!

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