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Such an amazing creature,

full of beauty and sweet sacrifice.

Sharing silent, unspoken bonds with us,

an inferior human race.

To spend a day among them,

just to find a place.

Swimming through those waters,

 dancing at their pace.

Squeals of undivided attention,

moments face to face.

A feeling of pure belonging,

within an incredibly perfect place.

To look into those eyes,

is alike peering in the sea.

Deep carefree souls flowing,

what a sacred life for thee.



6 comments on “Dolphins

  1. Beautiful bee

  2. What a busy little B….very talented….a nice resonate dissertation ,,that resonates with the sea…..

    • Oh Thank You sooo much! Very in love with dolphins! Thank you for reading!

  3. Dolphin dreaming! Love this! xxx

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