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Citrine ~ Crystal Of The Week!

Citrine Healing Properties & Influencescitrine

Color: ( translucent yellow to golden brown)

Element: *Fire             
Zodiac:   *Gemini, Leo          
Planet:   *Jupiter                 
Chakra: *Solar Plexus
Third Chakra  – Solar Plexus –  Yellow Chakra –
“The Identity Chakra”
  • Balanced Chakra Signs  

Protection from depression

Sharp memory and quick thinking

Relief from panicking thoughts or anxiety

  •  Unbalanced Chakra Signs

Difficulty concentrating

Poor decision making

Tend to be very ego based

  • Color Therapy

Yellow – green can mean deceit

Orange-yellow sense of establishment

Light yellow clears the mind                    

  • Symbolism of Yellow

– happiness – joy – wisdom

  • Promotes In

– Increase of eloquence – Expression of self – Enhance mental abilities

Similar Gemstones and Crystals –



Honey Calcite, 

Yellow Fluorite

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4 comments on “Citrine ~ Crystal Of The Week!

  1. You forgot to mention Sagittarius. Why only Leo & Gemini?

    • Sorry… I was unaware of this! Thank you for letting me know, I will have to update to include Sagittarius! 😉

      • Yaa, Know Kidding .. huh ..?? hehehe. I’m Sagittarius tuu.. well actually Serpenttarius .. ‘*”`©°·

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