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Balancing the Throat Chakra


The Throat Chakra inspires creative communication…

ASSOCIATED ISSUES; lies, rebellion, unable to speak truth, communication, relationship/trust problems, learning to say no, speaking out, and worry or grief.


ASSOCIATED BODY PARTS;  throat, neck, arms, hands, thyroid gland, and cervical plexus.  


throat-chakra-The Throat chakra is the center of creative expression.

When expressing truth and desired choices in our lives it is here we find out all decisions have consequences. This is the chakra of purification, allowing energy to transform into physical manifestations.

Speaking our truth is essential for maintaining success within our lives. That being said we also need to try and avoid negative views about others. Expressing anger towards another will likely effect our own energy, causing imbalance within ourselves.

A balanced Throat Chakra allows us to be more accepting and put aside our past judgement’s. We may feel compelled to be in service to others, but only after we are approached with this opportunity, may we act. When the throat chakra is in balance we will likely attract these situations into our lives allowing those in need of service to receive. When we know what we want and openly express these desires our ability to manifest is intensified. The balanced energies easily support our truths and we are capable of incredible creative expression.

An Unbalanced Over-active Throat Chakra will typically manifest a critical throat chakra balancingoutlook and overall negative demeanor. The friends and family members we interact with will likely seem inadequate, and it is likely we will not hesitate to let it be known. Over reacting and emotional outbursts such as screaming, yelling, and verbal attacks with little to no provocation indicates an over-active throat chakra.

An Unbalanced Under-active Throat Chakra has the opposite effect on us making it extremely difficult to communicate with others, and incapable of clearly expressing our thoughts when we do. Experiencing inner turmoil and likely avoiding the truth staring us in the face also indicates an over-active throat chakra. When you can’t clearly communicate to yourself what you want in life, then you can’t expect to experience an ideal outcome. An under-active throat chakra can be truly detrimental to our well being, and we probably wouldn’t even be capable of recognizing this until after balancing techniques were applied.


throatThe Throat Chakra / Vishuddha

Color:  Blue

Element:  Sound

  • Color Therapy – Wearing blue helps to ensure healthy self expression and communication.

  • Aromatherapy– Throat Chakra suporting scents lavender, geranium, coriander, chamomile

  • Sound Therapy – Cricket chirps, song birds, Mantra Ham. Keynote G, Frequency 384 HZ, elemental sound wind/Air.

  • Sensory Therapy – Relates to element ether and a nature walk would be beneficial, as well as expressing feelings through writing or even singing.


If I forgot to mention any methods you know of please leave a comment, and help spread this info by sharing with friends!



8 comments on “Balancing the Throat Chakra

  1. how about animals? are animals beneficial? My good lifelong friend directed me to this site, the balancing of the throat chakra. And, at one point in my life or another, I have had all these issues. I do have a thyroid problem. The funny thing is…I have always had a problem communicating..but I am creative in other ways, I guess to make up for the lack of lol

    • I honestly feel the same way. Very creative, issues with communication, and long line of family thyroid issues! I do love animals though and believe I communicate best with them! I cant say for sure but i feel they are beneficial to all aspects of our health! I hope you all the best, and i know writing has been huge in helping my communication. Even singing alone in the car is beneficial, just do what your comfortable doing and you will grow!

  2. Some more ‘tools’ for balancing chakras, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Acupuncture, Acupressure, All forms of body work, various forms of massage, yoga, tai chi, rolfing, cranial sacral therapy, and dance, chakra dance, biodanza or circle dance – and meditation, all of which I have used/use personally.

  3. I have been aware of this throat blockage or imbalance ever since I’ve become awaken to my metaphysical side , I too have thyroid issues and a family history of. Lately though the universe has me looking good at my inner child and working on this. I feel like I’ve been given an opportunity to detox this chakra by communicating the pain of the past that rises to the surface.I Don’t dwell on my past but rather I allow the issue to rise through my interactions with the people around me.This hasn’t been fun as some people are not ready to hear how they hurt you,but the relief I have felt has been amazing and I helped the other person understand me better .This has taught me something.When you don’t say or speak your truth and deal with your feelings right away, it steals from your now it can prevent you from expressing yourself truly. …detoxing past hurts I think will be beneficial, but like any detox in the beginning it will bring up the poison within. This has left me feeling unsure uncomfortable, and ill (Hyperthyroidism flare up). But I plan on keep on working with my inner child and with the people around me (god bless them) ,and some of these tips I’m sure will help me too. Thank you for sharing .

    • Thank you!! I agree with working on the past too!! Good luck on your path and thank you for sharing with us! Truly expressing your healthy communication chakra here!! 😉

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