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Balancing the Crown Chakra

crown chakra balancing


The Crown Chakra inspires us along the path of transcendence..


ASSOCIATED ISSUES; Body Rhythms, Exhaustion, Epilepsy, Lacking Spiritual Wisdom and Awareness


ASSOCIATED BODY PARTS; Pineal gland/Melatonin,  top of the spinal cord, brain stem, central nervous center, pain center & nerves.


The Crown Chakra is the center of our dreams, visions, and inner knowing.

th (4)The crown chakra is our connection between the physical and non-physical realms. Allowing us to find our divinity and recognizing the interconnection of all there is and ever will be.

This is the center where our awareness about life can truly be understood. Recognizing that life is simply a manifestation of our awareness, and we are the driving force behind our own creation. If one were to recognize that they control the outcome of every dream, it is likely every dream would end pleasantly. The same concept is true within our own lives, and when you learn to manipulate the thoughts which are manifesting your own reality,  you have found the key to living out the life you always dreamed of..

A balanced Crown Chakra allows us access to incredible intuitive knowledge and great spiritual wisdom. Awareness over the spiritual self and a devotion towards the well-being of others whom we ultimately recognize in ourselves.

An Unbalanced Over-active Crown Chakra may hinder the control over your experiences within the higher realms, and you may even find yourself trapped within the lower dimensions. Finding it difficult to ground yourself is common when the Crown Crown-Chakra-ColourChakra is over-active, and others will likely find it hard to take you seriously. Some may even go as far as displaying a god like complex, and will consider those around them inferior or far less of importance.

An Unbalanced Under-active  Crown Chakra will typically manifest through symptoms such as feeling there is no purpose in life. Believing nobody loves or appreciates you and thought patterns related to self pity all indicate an under-active Crown Chakra. Physical manifestations such as poor balance, lack of coordination, and general clumsiness may also be indicative of an under-active Crown Chakra. When experiencing the effects of an under-active crown chakra it will be difficult to accept or change the ideas held in regards to your life purpose and self worth. There will be no desire to explore these concepts, and you will probably fall victim to a self destructive thought pattern which will continue to repeat and manifest in your life over and over..



symbol-jumbo-crown-chakraCrown Chakra/Sahasrara

Color:  Violet/White

Element:  Thought

  • Color Therapy – The crown chakra has been associated with the full spectrum of prismatic light seen within a rainbow. Most commonly violet and purples are attributed to the Crown Chakra, wearing any of these may be used to transcend.

  • Aromatherapy– Scents such as jasmine, ylang ylang, neroli, frankincense, rose absolute, and rose otto support in balancing the Crown Chakra.

  • Sound Therapy –  Silence, the mantra Om, Frequency 480 HZ, and Keynote B are attributed to the Crown Chakra.

  • Sensory Therapy – Connected to thought as well as all other elements spiritual techniques such as meditation, prayer, singing hymns, as well as chanting benefit the Crown Chakra, either through group participation or solitary.


*If I forgot to mention any methods you know of please leave a comment, and help spread this info by sharing with friends!


7 comments on “Balancing the Crown Chakra

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  2. A Crown Chakra is observed in 2 ways, normally it is open and allowing the Universe to flow in but, when the Spiritual Chakra system is holding the higher vibrations that have been applied by an attunement, or added vibrations, then to hold those vibrations permanently the Crown is reversed from receiving to radiation, the Crown offers the appearance of being blocked.

    • Thank you for your info! I appreciate your sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks for your post. It fits exactly what I’m experiencing: suicidal thoughts, feeling so unloved, nobody cares for me. What is said I take it as unfeeling & excruciatingly painful. Please post some more like this. Bless your heart.

      • Thank you and I can relate deeply! I will definitely share more asap! Stay positive my friend!

  3. Very good info thanks for sharing

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