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I want to talk about Acceptance!

For the past few weeks, and especially with the crazy moon energy, I have been going through some “stuff”.
I was finding myself angry, hurt, irritated, and a whole lot of unhappy! I was reverting back to old patterns and behavior. Rather than talking about what was bothering me, I was holding it in.

Since I am surrounded by intuitive people who love and care about me it was obvious to them I was feeling off. It was amazing how so many of them had been jumping to get my attention, and wanted to bring stuff to my attention. They saw problems where I hadn’t long before I had even let that idea poke around in my brain.

I tend to look for the best in every situation and relationship. I overlooked stuff that I probably shouldn’t have been. I allowed things to get out of hand in my mind and life.

Then it all hit me, Acceptance. Acceptance is a profound thing, it doesn’t mean you like or want certain aspects of people, places, and things, but you accept them as they are. We can’t expect those around us to change, it is highly unlikely that will ever happen. We can discuss something we want to change or work on, but ultimately these things may happen again. People are who they are. As long as they mean well and are making an effort I will accept them as they are. I do things a certain way, I like my way, I think my way is great. Perhaps someone else disagrees and sees there way is best! What I am getting at is this doesn’t matter.

Everyone you meet is a reflection of you!! Scary right, I fought that concept a lot. Like hell no! What you don’t like about someone else is simply what you don’t like about you. I thought about it, and said no no no, but really thinking on this it is true. I hate when I mess up, whether it be I’m not able to get something done on time, or the finished product doesn’t look like I had envisioned, egotistical thoughts, I struggle all the time, I am human! So is everyone else! They are all struggling too! We get mad at people for making a mistake, or forgetting to do something, or for being fricken human. It’s not fair to them.

We are acting outward and actually disliking ourselves! So what I have been hearing in my head over and over is acceptance! Accept it and be ok with it, and if it’s unacceptable behavior then walk away. Don’t continually bitch, bash, and be upset by someone, instead accept it and move forward. If you continue to expect the bad from someone guess what that’s what you will attract. Instead accept it and expect the best. If things don’t improve then simply let go.

There is a fine line here. I am not saying accept something horrible, like physical, mental, or verbal abuse. I am saying accept that is them and walk away. I am not saying accept that hey my life sucks. Instead say I accept that I am not where I want or need to be in life and start making changes to better that.

It is all up to you, you control your life and outcome. I try so hard to help everyone else, I sometimes put myself on the back burner, and I allow myself to get drained, hurt, or walked on. So today I accept that flaw in me, and I am also ready to accept a change in this behavior! I accept it’s time to grow, change, and fly free.

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