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My name is Bridget, a.k.a. (bee), and I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life. I grew up in Kingston very close to the historical Plymouth, and absolutely love the beach! I just wish it were warmer here year round so I could enjoy more time outside and in nature! I grew up on a farm with horses, chickens, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, and assorted other animals coming and going. When I grew up my love of animals remained the same and I spent time managing at various pet store’s! Always taking care of the sick and weak animals, and usually taking them home to be with me for their life. I also worked at a few restaurants waiting tables, hosting, and eventually managing a popular breakfast place on the Plymouth waterfront.

Eventually I became burnt out from this and had a burning desire to work on me. So for several years that is exactly what I did! I was lucky enough to have a lovely man to assist and provide for me while I stayed home and began my own personal journey. I have always loved the mysteries, and been drawn to spiritual and holistic work. Always researching and learning about earths greatest mysteries, and the unknown. Since I was a young girl I have had a deep love of the night sky and can remember staring at the stars almost nightly. Even as a young girl I was able to pick out and name particular constellations and planets. journey to alcyone

In 2011 something just clicked in me and all of this information started to come pouring in. I was flooded with information, thoughts, and questions. I started seeing, hearing, and feeling many things that could not be explained. I began going outside every night and witnessing wonderful phenomena in the skies. I would spend hours upon hours researching, learning, and disseminating the information I was soaking up.

I learned about star races who had seeded the planet, and through synchronicity, messages, and signs, eventually came to accept myself having a Pleiadian lineage. Every part of information I found, every channeled message, book, video, article, and website was full of so much that resonated on such a deep level. I was overwhelmed at first, and of course nervous about sharing this information with others.

Over the past few years I have grown exponentially and learned so much about the universe, earth, and myself! I truly feel like a different person, so happy, and free! I have found others in my community who relate to my story, and cry out with “me too”!

I received certifications in energy healing becoming a Reiki Master, New Paradigm Master Teacher Healer, and Mentor for the Shamanic Munay Ki Rites. I received certification in angel communication and have developed my psychic abilities.Connecting with Galactic Masters and channeling in information for myself, and humanity.

I now offer galactic and shamanic guided meditations, intuitive readings, energy healing sessions, teaching and sharing the Munay-Ki rites, and the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformational modalities through Shanti Shala Yoga & Wellness of Plympton,as well as a few other places within the area. I also offer long distance sessions and readings for those who are across the world and in need of spiritual growth and healing.

I originally created this website to showcase my art and poetry, inspiring others to bee creatively you, as in be themselves, and love every piece of themselves, but it has since evolved to also include information on healing and spiritual growth. I plan to keep growing and wish to share my journey with all of you!

12 comments on “About Bee

  1. Hey I just stumbled across your website when I was browsing for inspiration in Google images…. I’m reading your poems, one by one…and am in love!!!! Keep those up!

    The rest of the message of the whole website of bubbling out with creativity and expressing it to the world is also very amazing… thank you!
    ~Random Visitor who is now inspired by you

    • Thank you so much!! appreciate the positive comments

    • Thank you so much I just saw this comment, sorry it was so long before responding.

  2. bee..love the sight sister..i am inspired by the time and effort you have gifted us…humanity with…your writing is fantastic..it is straight to the point and just plain “good”..you are definitely on ‘some path”.. and i believe you already “know” this..i hope we can vibe on some things in the future..im putting together a global project and it is people/souls like you that the world needs to finally turn around on a bath path..look to come back home and heal the people and the plant..our great mother gaia..love and blessings to you..continue to write and Post 🙂 aubrey

    • Thank you so much!! I look forward to whatever the future may bring! I plan to keep posting and thank you again for the compliments! Love and light my cosmic star!

    • And I am definitely in on anything you have conspired to create in a bath path for humanity! It is well over due!!

  3. Great website! Thank You for sharing! Namaste.

  4. bee, Love your website!!!

  5. Your story sounds like mine as i loved having star gazings with my friends and brothers as we talked about the endless ” what if’s” in this reality of ours! Lol

    • How beautiful! I often have these thoughts to this day. So much info comes in when gazing at the night sky!

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