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Pleiadian Channeling 6/3/16 Express Your Uniqueness


Just Do It!


Yesterday I was feeling down most of the day, over thinking, over feeling, and over doing!

I actually considered throwing in the towel and giving up, I told Jami I feel stupid, and useless, I really did.

Today I woke up still feeling sad, and pushed myself to go to my commitment, and you know what I am glad I did!

I walked into a room with 2 of the most beautiful souls I know, and was able to express some stuff that helped me see the big picture, the things they said to me having no idea what I had been contemplating prior to was nothing short of perfect.

The confirmation that I needed to hear so desperately as a human being feeling a little less than good, and hearing there version of what I bring to the community filled my heart.

As I sat down to practice the new paradigm with my best friend Joan, I read what felt were words written specific to my questions and concerns, and was reminded of who I am, and how I roll through life.

I am not someone who gives up, nor am I someone who takes the back seat! I get in that bitch and drive all the way to the top no matter what the circumstances or challenges are, and I realized it’s time to take it to the top or go home!

So here I am a day later from getting ready to throw in the towel and apply for a 9 to 5 job, to being ready to jump all in! I have everything and more than it takes to do this journey and I know what my guides want from me, I have resisted due to fear, due to worries, oh but what about so and so, and what if this, and what if that, and ya know what!! Never once did I say what about me!! This is what I am saying now!! What about me? Should I hide and stand back due to what others think, feel, or say? Fuck no! I am doing it! I am going in 110% and if I fail at least I can say I tried my best!

I have spent sooo much time helping others with
their stuff I forgot about my own, and it’s time to do what I offer to them for myself. I am making a commitment to myself and for myself to honor me, love me, and start practicing what I preach!

I have all the tools necessary it’s time to get to work!

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Support for Linda Freeman


Hello my name is Bridget, Linda Freeman’s oldest daughter, followed by Victoria Freeman, and Kristen Freeman, who is pregnant with Savanna, Linda’s first grandchild!

Last weekend my Mother became extremely ill, and her health deterioration only continued for the following week. She was taken by ambulance to Beth Israel in Plymouth Ma. Along the way she lost consciousness and was incubated.

While in Plymouth everyone was focused on her breathing and not noticing that her belly was in extreme harm. She proceeded to swell and expand and grew sicker and sicker. The doctor actually said to me she is easily the sickest person here.

As time went on and incubation was worse and worse they decided to send to Boston. She got a bed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where they immediately knew her belly was in critical condition. She was rushed into operation on Friday morning and they found a piece of colon had died. They believe the combination of sickness, and other factors led to this condition.

Since the operation she remains open, and will be operated on again for reconnect of colon, and hopefully to close her back up if the swelling subsides enough.

It is going to be weeks to months of healing and operation and watching her.

I am spending many hours here by here side to make decisions and give permission to do things. However we both have expenses to cover in the mean time and since I am not working I am having a hard time keeping up with everything. Between gas, parking, eating on the run, and trying to keep her bills from going into default I am worried I wont be able to cover everything.

I would love to be able to pay her bills, and have some money for her when she gets better so she doesn’t have to stress and worry. She has 2 dogs to care for and herself. She only gets a small amount of money from the state each month, and I usually pay her to drive me to meditations and to help me at my events and other odd jobs to make ends meet.

However I am now not working, and struggling to assist her and keep myself afloat as well. I plan to start bringing my laptop to the hospital so I can get back to work and get some coverage for my expenses, but could use some help covering her stuff.

I know she would be so happy to wake up and know everything is taken care of and she isn’t behind on stuff. She has been working hard to stay ahead and I dont want her to be worried about it on top of all her health concerns too.

If you could help her by donating 5 bucks I know she would be forever grateful, and if you can’t donate, please just send love and good thoughts that all works out in best interest.

Thank you all for your support and love thus far, I hate having to ask, and wish I had everything needed to cover her, and help her to never feel stress again.

Donations can be made via Paypal divinessential@gmail.com

Or you can make checks out to myself, Bridget Rau, or to Linda Freeman and send to 108 Grove St Kingston Ma 02364,







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Star Rites ~ Rites to Come

Star Rites! Channeled through Natalie Alaya, & Bridget Rau

soul star riteRITE 1 – Soul Star Rite:

This Rite was given to Natalie Alaya in 2009 after returning to Ireland from Peru. Drumming with other shamans, a group of Q’ero Shamans came through in the journey, gave the Rite, and told about the Rite. More information has been coming in recently about this Rite too.

The Soul Star Rite connects you to your Higher Divine Self that resides in the 8th Chakra over your head, with your Higher Heart Chakra (sometimes also called Thymus Chakra, it is between the traditional Heart chakra and Throat Chakra. Seen as Turquoise blue and feeling the presence of Dolphins and Whales as spirit guides for this Rite. The Q’ero also call this energy Mamacocha, which means Mother of the Water- origin of life. You may have this Chakra activated already, or this Rite will activate for you).

Your Higher Self is connected to Source, is one with all, and holds the higher dimensional vibrations of our soul, and this rite connects to your 5th Dimensional energies and above (6-12th), and brings this energy down to the 3D world where we currently reside. As we do this, you manifest and bring your Soul Purpose in this lifetime. This is important to complete our mission, and to bring the higher dimensional energies into humanity.

This is part of our Ascension and this Soul Star Rite connects us to our Original Soul Source and Family, the Star Beings of our original soul Source. Many people connect and communicate with their Star Family much easier after receiving this Rite. The lineage you connect with is your original soul lineage. This helps you to be more focused on manifesting your soul mission and purpose.

The Rite is transferred into three Chakras, blowing into all three:

  • Solar Plexus: Pachamama,
  • Higher Heart: Mamacocha,
  • Crown: Wiracocha (Q’ero word for your Soul Star, Higher self).

This Rite may be passed on separately, or with the other Rites.

In Person Transmission $33-

Long Distance Transmission $22

Email divinessential@gmail.com to book now!

RITE 2 – Pleiadian Golden Woven Path Rite:

pleiadian golden woven path


This Rite is an initiation into a practice that is 300,000 years old. I was initiated into this practice by Pleiadians, a White haired woman, and a blond haired/blue eyed girl. They told me that every time someone was initiated into this rite, another golden thread was added to a long banner that stretched for miles. This initiation allows you to help those crossing over go directly to the 5th Dimension, by-passing the 3rd/4th Dimension paradigm/reincarnation cycle. Those that are crossing over to the 5th Dimension are helping the Earth and all of humanity ascend, as they hold the energy of the 5th, and help raise our vibration, and brings the reality of the 5th Dimensional energies more into the physical.

The Golden Woven Path is a representation of the lineage of beings in the past, and continuing into the future, who were initiated into this Rite. I was told that this is an ancient rite, 300,000 years old, and given to humanity by the Pleiadians. This rite has been building its energy for 300,000 years for this time in humanity’s history for manifestation of the 5th Dimension on Earth, and humanity’s Ascension.

This Rite is to help those that cross over go DIRECTLY to the 5th Dimension. This can be any being- animal, plant, etc. They are “anchoring” the 5th Dimensional energy and this helps us to raise our vibration and manifest 5D on Earth. This initiation/Rite follows on from the Soul Star Rite *10th Munay Ki Rite.

Once you receive this Initiation, you are connected to a lineage, both human and Pleiadian, that helps people cross over to the 5th Dimension. You are doing this mostly in the Astral realm, but you may consciously do this too, for any being that you know that has crossed over.

In Person Transmission $33-

Long Distance Transmission $22

Email divinessential@gmail.com to book now!

Rite 3 – Lyran Triple Infinity Abundance Rite

lyran triple infinity

This rite is an energetic transmission of energies and intentions channeled from our galactic family members. Through the Lyran expression of consciousness we are given the opportunity to connect with and receive powerful manifestation ability.

Bringing in the energies and frequency of gold, imagined in a shower of golden dust, these high vibrations are brought through and around the initiate. These frequencies enter the body, at an energetic level and begin to raise the vibration within the cells, and d.n.a.

The Lyran Guides will assist in your transmission and install the infinity symbol into your solar-plexus, heart, third eye, and crown chakra, while also installing these infinity symbols deep within the brain, and connecting them to the visual cortex, and heart.

This will assist you in finding the power to create and manifest, bringing in the ability to love all of your manifestations unconditionally, as well as loving your role as the creator, amplifying the power of vision, and assisting with your ability to manifest through visual intention and dreaming.

This rite can assist you with attracting in any desired outcome, as long as it is in alignment with your highest good. If you are focused on positive creations, the Lyran Guides will gladly assist you through intentional creation.

In Person Transmission $33-

Long Distance Transmission $22

Email divinessential@gmail.com to book now!


Luminous Beings of the Munay-Ki

 Luminous Beings of the Munay-Ki

luminous beings

These luminous ones are our medicine lineage. They’re humans who rose to the level of angels. Some are in bodies, some are in spirit form, but all have a mandate to protect those who are looking after the well-being of the planet. The Buddhists call them Bodhisattvas. They are the finest spiritual allies anyone can have, and they provide us with knowledge on how one becomes an angel. This is what the prophecies of the Laika mean when they tell us that we have the potential to become Homo luminous. We can develop the luminous energy fields of angels within our lifetime. The Munay-Ki offers us the energetic keys to do this.

When we evolve to Homo luminous, we no longer have to call on angels and archangels to help us find a parking spot or our fortunes, because we are becoming like them. Remember that in the Bible, God said, “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever. ”

More about the Munay-Ki


Munay-Ki Rites to Come

The rites to come
rites tocome


With this next step we are offered the possibility of moving from our alignment to the past and current time to alignment with the time to come.


With it we have the means to transform ourselves into, and join the ranks of, luminous beings, to develop the luminous energy field of Angels within this single lifetime, rather than many generations.


Existing luminous beings are humans who rose to the level of Angels. Some remain in human form while some are in spirit form. All have a mandate to protect those who are looking after the well-being of the planet.

Find out more about the Munay-Ki

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The Lineage Rites of the Munay-Ki

The lineage rites

lineage ritesHaving transmitted/received the four foundation rites of the Munay-Ki, which have served to strengthen and inform our luminous energy field, we are in a position to take the next step in the process of becoming who we truly are. This step offers us the opportunity to align ourselves with, and take our place within, the lineage of stewardship for the earth and all that lives upon her.

This part of the process opens up the potential for awakening the dormant prefrontal lobe of the brain, referred to by science as the God brain. All spiritual personal development we undertake fires up neuropeptides within the brain and begins to build the electric web within the area. These next three rites offer us the possibility of turning this aspect of ourselves, our god brain, on fully. As with the foundation rites before, we transmit and receive into our system the ‘seed’ the ‘potential’ of each of these rites. Our subsequent dedication to the unpacking, germination, and continued growing development of these ‘seeds of potential’ is what turns the possibility into the lived reality.

As we work with these next three rites we may find that one group we align ourselves to, during the transmission process, remains with us in some form after the process has been completed. While others will leave, fully prepared to return with assistance when called upon at a future time. The remaining group offers the possibility of recognizing our personal place within the lexicon of creation. We carry the potential to align with all these groups, but this remaining helps us recognize our most effective skills to service in this particular area.

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The Foundation Rites of the Munay-Ki

The Foundation Rites

Munay-Ki Foundation










The four foundation rites launch us on our journey, through a process of willing acceptance, to the manifestation of who we truly are.

We are all, through our ancestral lineage, members of indigenous tribes. As we begin our receipt of these rites we awaken a dawning realization that this knowledge, we are seemingly encountering for the first time, has always been known to us. Just as who we are seeking to become, through Munay-Ki, is who we have always been.

Through our initiation into these rites we transmit, and receive into our system, the ‘seed’, the ‘potential’, of possibility each rite opens up for us. Our subsequent dedication to the unpacking, germination and continued growing development of these ‘seeds of potential’ is what turns the possibility into the lived reality.

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Let’s talk about Expectations!

Last night this came up a lot for those around me so I felt like it was a great topic to start the day with!

What are expectations? We all have them, we all build them up, and we often find outcomes different than expected.

Occasionally you may say oh that was exactly what I expected, but how much truth lays in that. I find we revert backwards when we say this about something. So think about it, you get excited about something or you are planning to experience something. Perhaps you have never been there, maybe it’s the first time you meet someone. In your head you have a idea of what, how, where, and when things will be, look, feel, etc.
Then you go, you show up in that awkward moment trying to find bearings in a new place, looking for that person or persons who you have created an expectation in your head for.

Usually you dismiss the fact that the place your at looks nothing like what you had “expected”, you eventually have to ask is so and so here?

Or even when we do know exactly where and who we are meeting up with, what we are doing, it’s the same thing. We play out the scene in our mind, we think we know if it will be good, bad, awesome, or horrible. Maybe you get excited, nervous, or even dread this moment. We do it with discussion too! Oh I just know he/she is going to be pissed, sad, hurt, mad, happy, blown away, surprised.

What I am saying is you never really know! It’s that little human control factor bumping it’s ugly head up. There is no way of knowing exactly what will happen, or what someone else is going to feel or do.

How many times have you been blown away by the fact you enjoyed something you didn’t think you would. How many times has someone who you thought was going to react a certain way completely surprised you.

Release expectations! ! Stop trying to control every last detail and just live! Go experience life without attachments, and throw away the need to be right. Of course you should plan and prepare for stuff! But stop trying to get everything done before it’s happening. Stop stressing out over what you have no control over. Just go in with an open mind and heart. Life is to short for you to be expecting the worst! Expect the best from everyone and everything and more of that will come to you!

Today I expect it’s going to be a good day!
Keep it simple folks!

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I want to talk about Acceptance!

For the past few weeks, and especially with the crazy moon energy, I have been going through some “stuff”.
I was finding myself angry, hurt, irritated, and a whole lot of unhappy! I was reverting back to old patterns and behavior. Rather than talking about what was bothering me, I was holding it in.

Since I am surrounded by intuitive people who love and care about me it was obvious to them I was feeling off. It was amazing how so many of them had been jumping to get my attention, and wanted to bring stuff to my attention. They saw problems where I hadn’t long before I had even let that idea poke around in my brain.

I tend to look for the best in every situation and relationship. I overlooked stuff that I probably shouldn’t have been. I allowed things to get out of hand in my mind and life.

Then it all hit me, Acceptance. Acceptance is a profound thing, it doesn’t mean you like or want certain aspects of people, places, and things, but you accept them as they are. We can’t expect those around us to change, it is highly unlikely that will ever happen. We can discuss something we want to change or work on, but ultimately these things may happen again. People are who they are. As long as they mean well and are making an effort I will accept them as they are. I do things a certain way, I like my way, I think my way is great. Perhaps someone else disagrees and sees there way is best! What I am getting at is this doesn’t matter.

Everyone you meet is a reflection of you!! Scary right, I fought that concept a lot. Like hell no! What you don’t like about someone else is simply what you don’t like about you. I thought about it, and said no no no, but really thinking on this it is true. I hate when I mess up, whether it be I’m not able to get something done on time, or the finished product doesn’t look like I had envisioned, egotistical thoughts, I struggle all the time, I am human! So is everyone else! They are all struggling too! We get mad at people for making a mistake, or forgetting to do something, or for being fricken human. It’s not fair to them.

We are acting outward and actually disliking ourselves! So what I have been hearing in my head over and over is acceptance! Accept it and be ok with it, and if it’s unacceptable behavior then walk away. Don’t continually bitch, bash, and be upset by someone, instead accept it and move forward. If you continue to expect the bad from someone guess what that’s what you will attract. Instead accept it and expect the best. If things don’t improve then simply let go.

There is a fine line here. I am not saying accept something horrible, like physical, mental, or verbal abuse. I am saying accept that is them and walk away. I am not saying accept that hey my life sucks. Instead say I accept that I am not where I want or need to be in life and start making changes to better that.

It is all up to you, you control your life and outcome. I try so hard to help everyone else, I sometimes put myself on the back burner, and I allow myself to get drained, hurt, or walked on. So today I accept that flaw in me, and I am also ready to accept a change in this behavior! I accept it’s time to grow, change, and fly free.

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